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professional wedding photographer
Professional Photography

Your special day

David Benson Photography knows how important your wedding day is. I am aware of all the stress and planning needed to create the setting and theme you want. My goal is to capture your day in a unique, candid way and impose as little as possible, so you can relax and enjoy your day and …

professional event photographer
Professional Photography


You invest so much time, money and resources into an exceptional corporate event, why not commemorate its success with the kind of professional photography that will do it justice? I will capture all those key moments at your upcoming event that will make it memorable and help boost your brand. The raw emotion under the …

commercial professional photographer
Professional Photography


Specialising in business promotion, corporate events and award nights, having worked with XR Chemists, H&H Catering, National Trust, Ferrari, Conservatorium of Music, Slattery Helicopters, Uber, Central Coast Excellence and Business Awards, Star of the Sea and Legacy amongst others, I also regularly do photographic work for architects and builders on the Central Coast and Sydney …

professional landscape photos for sale
Professional Photography


I have been involved in professional photography for some 35 years and loved every minute. I particularly like landscape photography because of the freedom of expression that it gives you, from taking photos which seem very mundane like a pathway in the suburbs to the beauty of the outback countryside, the sea and beaches, markings …